TICCs NETWORK 是由「東京國際合唱大賽」和「台北國際合唱大賽」這二個亞洲最新的國際合唱盛會所組成的聯盟。

這二大國際音樂盛會的舉辦地─東京和台北,都是著名的大都會。除了繁華的城市景觀,這二個城市也都具有悠久的歷史傳統、豐富的文化活動、和精彩的音樂饗宴。由於兩地的飛行距離僅有三小時,而且二個比賽的日期接近,2019年(東京 7/26~28,台北 7/30~8/02),所以您可以一次參加二個合唱盛會。

TICCs NETWORK 邀請全球的合唱愛好者蒞臨東京、台北這二個亞洲著名的大都會,親身體驗這二個TICC為您準備的合唱響宴。



TICCs NETWORK is a music alliance formed by two elite international choral competitions of Asia – Tokyo International Choir Competition, and Taipei International Choral Competition.

The two competitions take place in Tokyo and Taipei, both modern metropolises with long history, abundant culture, and exquisite musical life. Since the two cities are only three-hour flight apart from each other, and the two competitions are scheduled in 26 – 28 July (Tokyo) and 30 July – 2 August (Taipei), it is a great opportunity to participate in both wonderful events at once.

TICCs NETWORK encourage choirs from around the world to take the chance of visiting two of Asia’s most celebrated cities, and enjoy the unforgettable choral experience these two TICCs offer.
Join us, in the summer of 2019!